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We love to see on one page, how our does improve with age; holding up in dairy strength and production!

We will unfortunately have to say goodbye to our Pris this year.  In honor of Twigs and Pris, I am leaving them up on our Doe Page for one more season. What an amazing two does these ladies have been.  May all of their daughters continue to make them proud.

SG Bridgeport Farms KCY Pris Retired

DOB: 04/2010

2012 LA VVV+ 85

2014 LA EVEV 89

2016 LA EEEE 90

Magic Apple KCP Blacktwig (Deceased 2020)

DOB: 03/2011

2014 LA VVEV 87

2016 LA VVEV 87

2018 LA VEEV 90

Magic Apple KCP D'Arcy Spice*M

DOB: 04/2013

2016 LA EEEE 91

2018 LA VEEE 90

Magic Apple PN Dulcet*M

DOB: 02/2014

2016 LA VV++ 85

2018 LA EEE+ 89

Magic Apple MAH Foxwhelp*M

DOB: 03/2015

2016 LA VV++ 85

2018 LA VEE+ 87

Magic Apple MAD Freedom
DOB: 02/2015

2016 LA +V++ 83

2018 LA VEEA 84

Freedom is in need of a new picture.  With Maturity, her rump has leveled out much more nicely.

Magic Apple MAC Galarina

DOB: 04/2016

2018 LA +VE+ 84

Galarina is also in need of a new picture.  With Maturity, her rump has leveled out much more nicely, as well..this is typical for this lineage, it seems.

Magic Apple MAG Jubilee

DOB: 03/2017

2018 LA VEVE 88

Magic Apple GD Creme D'licious - Sale Pending

DOB: 03/2017

Magic Apple MAGD Ingrid Marie

DOB: 03/2017

Magic Apple M Envy

DOB: 02/2018

Magic Apple M Ariane - For Sale

DOB: 02/2018

Magic Apple M Eden

DOB: 03/21/19

Magic Apple M American Beauty

DOB: 04/05/19

Magic Apple M Kanzi

DOB: 04/21/19

Magic Apple M Liberty

DOB: 03/28/19

Magic Apple B Lodi

DOB: 04/11/20

Magic Apple E London Apple

DOB: 04/23/20

Magic Apple S Maigold
DOB: 04/24/20

Magic Apple S Autumn Pearmain

DOB: 05/02/20