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In order to take the guess work out of pricing, we've compiled this base pricing chart, to suit the accomplishments of our herd; what we strive for and what we believe is important to the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat breed.
Our breeding goal is nothing short of striving for excellence.
This chart will be a guideline for our pricing.  We have retained many doe kids the last couple of years.  These does are young and have not had the opportunity to prove themselves, as of yet.
If any particular animal is deemed exceptional beyond this chart, the pricing will be adjusted accordingly. 
2020 does not look promising for our Linear Appraisal, due to world conditions.  Over the years I've committed to learn about our quality. Therefor, I will make any adjustments needed based on evaluations, at that time.
Also, to note: While we do NOT breed FOR color, we recognize the selling value of moonspots, therefore I have accounted for that aspect in the pricing. We do not have ANY blue eyed goats, in our herd.
Dam's Records
 Kid Price
No Records - Base Price
Does -  $500 / Bucks - $400
  E Mammary on LA
  90+ on LA
  SG Designation
  *M on DHIR
 800#+ with Complete Barn Records for Milk Production
 Kid Has Moonspots
Sire's Dam's Records
 Kid Price
*M or *D DHIR
  SG Designation
  Finished Champion
  Final LA of 90+
 Sire has *B or *S
 +$50 (in lieu of $25/*M for sire's dam)

While we are very flexible and love to make things work for all parties,
please be sure to read our "Terms and Conditions" page.

Half of the Purchase Price Down as Deposit Can be Sent to:


Please include name or number of animal purchasing in memo, Thank you


If sending "Friends and Family" there is no additional fee. Thank you

email: or telephone: 970-417-1326
Jason and Cara Anderson
Hotchkiss, CO 81419

30-40 Minutes from Either Grand Junction or Montrose, CO

Doe Kids

*Updated 05/11/2020*

Spring 2020 ~ There will only be one more late yearling to kid. We seem to have had our FIRST EVER buck year!!!  LOL  That's ok, we are due. We have a few promising doe kids, to offer up.  You can SEE the quality difference, in our herd.

Magic Apple E (TBD) M41 $450 Sale Pending

dob 04/25/20
Once I see what is under Ingrid's winter fluff, her future kids will be starting at $500, also.  Her mammary system is really, exactly what we are breeding for.

DAM Magic Apple MAG Ingrid Marie
Ingrid's Udder is full, side to side amazing attachments and production. New pic coming soon
SIRE Magic Apple M Exeter

Magic Apple E Frauen M10 $500

dob 04/12/20

DAM Magic Apple M Ariane
new pic coming soon

SIRE Magic Apple M Exeter

new pic coming soon

Both Ariane and Exeter are in need of new pictures.  Those will be coming soon. 
Ariane is SO correct, in nearly EVERY way, but her littermate sister got the teat improvement over Dulcet that we were striving for. Pairing Ariane with Exeter should amplify that wonderful, complete package we have been breeding for.

Magic Apple B Jonica M4 $500 - SOLD

dob 04/11/20
All future Jubilee does, will start at $600.  Jubilee is nothing but stunning.

DAM Magic Apple MAG Jubilee

SIRE Magic Apple M Beacon

Magic Apple E (TBD) M25 $500 - Sale Pending

dob 04/20/20

Creme sure stamps some levelness on her kids.  Creme is due for her new udder pics, and this little doe kid needs a different one too, as I think she is much more stylish than the above picture portrays.

DAM Magic Apple MAG CremeD'licious

SIRE Magic Apple M Exeter
Adult Does
Due to the overwhelming requests for herd shares this summer, I will be retaining a few more of my does in milk than I originally planned.  I'm very sorry for that inconvenience.

Magic Apple M Ariane $500, in milk
(Buttin'Heads Mo'Money x Magic Apple PLN Dulcet*M)
Ariane looks like she will be really contributing to the milk pail.  Her structure is very nice, udder nicely shaped and attached and expresses very well.  We are looking to improve on the teat placement passed down from Dulcet.

Magic Apple K Dawn $400, in milk
Dawn is for sell for the same reasons as her dam above, Ariane.
(Magic Apple Kent x Magic Apple M Ariane)


Spring 2020 ~ We will only have a very select amount of herd sire prospects to sell.  We only offer buck kids, intact, from dam's that we feel can offer something of worth to another herd.
The 5 Buck Kids listed below will be our only Herd Sire offering aside from those who are already sold.  Thank you.

Magic Apple B (TBD) M5 - $500
dob 04/11/20

DAM Magic Apple MAG Jubilee
Pictured her on her first LA as a yearling, with the highest a yearling can score being an 89. We simply LOVE how this doe is maturing

SIRE Magic Apple M Beacon

Magic Apple B (TBD) M31 - $500
dob: 04/21/20

Magic Apple B (TBD) M33 - $500

dob: 04/21/20

As far as length, dairy, production, mammary go... Fox is one of my favorites.  I didn't get a doe kid, this time, out of this cross so this will for SURE be a repeat cross next year.

DAM: Magic Apple MAH Foxwhelp *M

SIRE: Magic Apple M Beacon

Magic Apple E (TBD) M37 - $550
dob 04/23/20
Magic Apple E (TBD) M36 - $550
dob 04/23/20
Style and Structure with milk production to spare
Magic Apple KCP D'Arcy*m VEEE90

Magic Apple M Exeter

The buck kids below, had their new homes soon after they hit the ground but I thought they were worth showing off.

Wether Companions

Spring 2020 ~ Be on the look out!  With our first ever buck year, we are sure to have some cuties to love on!!

Wethers are $100 each.

We offer special deals on wethers that are being purchased as a companion for a breeding stock animal.

***Please Note*** Single kids will only be sold to you if you already have a goat or two. 

Goats need to be in a pair, as a minimum, as they are a herd animal.

Thank you.

M24 - Sale Pending
This guy has a special nickname already, lol
Dobby, the house goat



M29 - Sale Pending
Jason and Cara Anderson 
or email: