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Hulgelkulture Gardening

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What is a Hugelkultur Garden? Well let me tell you :D

For us, at Magic Apple Farm it is drought resistant gardening and improving soil quality.  Soil that isn't by itself suitable for gardening and growing...well, anything!

" Often employed in permaculture systems, hugelkultur allows gardeners and farmers to mimic the nutrient cycling found in a natural woodland to realize several benefits. Woody debris (and other detritus) that falls to the forest floor can readily become sponge like, soaking up rainfall and releasing it slowly into the surrounding soil, thus making this moisture available to nearby plants"

With the use of Hugel beds -In the first year alone!!- I reduced my water usage by 50% (awesome considering we also have to haul all of our own water) and increased productivity of the garden by more than 100% when compared to my flat bed garden.  I also implement compost from our goats which includes straw and hay scrap and extra wood chipping for mulch cover.  Please, enjoy the photos of our building process below from our first year....